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Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Wild Dove. Wild Dove is the moniker for Devan Christodoulou, former frontman of Echo Nebraska.  Echo Nebraska was a 5-piece folk-rock act from 2014-2018. In our interview, we discuss creating music, musical inspiration, his latest release ‘Baby Boy’ and more.


1. How would you describe the music that Wild Dove is creating?

I was once asked, “what is your goal as an artist?” My instant response was, “to touch hearts”. That theme remains true. Wild Dove is collaborative. Musically, the songs can take many different shapes. I’d love to be able to take these songs on the road with a full ensemble of musicians to create an epic live show. Just as importantly, I hope the songs can stand on their own when I give a raw, acoustic performance.

Artists like Neil Young, City and Colour have shown me that songs are allowed to wear many different clothes. There’s no rules.

2. You released the first single, ‘All Hearts Bleed’ in April 2020. What inspired you to make this song?

This was a co-write I did with Jeff Dawson.

I had the melody for a while. I thought the song was going to be about a relationship. But, it never felt right. I had the lyric “who’ll bring the shovel? Who’ll bring the priest? To help bury our troubles away with our beliefs”. It wasn’t until I sat down with Jeff that I realized what the song was about. AHB is about pain, how it’s a common thread between us all. It’s a cry for kindness.

3. You followed up with a 6 song EP Bound for Glory. What was the creative process like?

Bound for Glory was a project I did with Davor Valuma. We co-wrote the lead single ‘Follow Me’ with my old band Echo Nebraska. Working with Dav is always a lot of fun. We bonded over fatherhood and I think our shared joy came out naturally in the music. It was summer. We were excited. Those songs turned out pretty upbeat.

4. What can you tell us about your latest release ‘Baby Boy’?

The seed of the song came when my spouse and I made the decision to have children. It was an emotional paradox though. We had recently lost a member of the family. I started thinking about life cycles. I released ‘Baby Boy’ on November 20th, my son’s birthday, and dedicated the song to him.

5. You are back in the studio currently recording new music for 2021. What can we expect?

I’ll let the magic of the studio decide that. I show up with my guitar and a song in its rawest form. Perhaps it will stay that way. Perhaps it’ll be a layered cake. Whatever is best for the song.

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