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Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with SAG-AFTRA Wolfgang Weber (Cynthia, Devious Nanny). Weber has been acting on several well-known TV shows, films, and theatre since 2004. Wolgang recently was cast as Logan in Lifetime’s “The Realtor” expected out this year. You can also catch Wolfgang Weber (as Deputy Wilson) in the Sci-Fi Thriller “Interpreters”, now streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and more. He also happens to own a drone company (Airwolf Drones).

Rachel Kylian and Wolfgang Weber in Interpreters: a C & Earth Chronicle - Quantum 1
A Still of Wolfgang Weber, Manny M. Hernandez and Rachel Kylian,in Interpreters: a C & Earth Chronicle – Quantum 1

1. When did you know you wanted to get into acting? 

I think I was around 19 years old. Some would consider that a late start. But I was kind of in limbo with where I wanted to go in regards to education. I was enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering program at the time and really didn’t know where my life was headed. I can’t remember the exact time of year, but I was asked to be in a music video. And I really only agreed to it because I had the day off from studying. Well, needless to say, that day turned out to be pretty amazing. And considering I’m 37 now, not an Engineer and still talking about my acting career, must mean something, right? Haha.

2. How would you describe your first TV appearances on the CTV Canadian miniseries “H2O“?

My first appearance on a national television show was simply put, amazing! I mean, that feeling that I took away from being on that set is what has kept me going throughout the years. My role was so small, a co-star role that was actually bumped from being an extra, changed me. When I was onset, the director Charles Binamé needed two actors to arrest actor Kenneth Welsh in a scene. Well, I raised my hand so fast that he immediately selected me and another. From that day forward, I was off to the races.

3. How would you compare your preparation for commercials vs. TV shows vs. films vs. theatre?

My preparation is actually the same for all. I’ll study, do research, and learn more about the type of character that I’m being hired to portray. Preparation is key and as well as rehearsals. Now, sometimes except for theatre, we don’t always have the luxury of rehearsing. We book, we show up, shoot out the scene, then go home—that’s where preparation is important. Just know your stuff.

4. Can we discuss how you prepared for the role of Deputy Wilson in “Interpreters” that just released on VOD platforms and DVD on May 12, 2020?

With Deputy Wilson “Interpreters“, I didn’t have to dig too deep. Once upon a time, I did work as a corrections officer. So I’ve already had the muscle memory for the character in place. From the way he held a gun to the way he talked on the radio, I felt like I already had him figured out. And the coolest part was the director let me take the actual picture car to and from set every day. By the time I arrived onset, I was really feeling the character, and we were able to fly through the scenes.

5. You were recently cast for the character of Logan in Lifetime’s “The Realtor” expected out this year. Can you tell us more about what to expect?

Yes! We just wrapped with post-production to “The Realtor”, and we’re waiting on release dates. That film was a bit of last-minute booking. But we wrapped back in February. Now, I don’t want to give too much away. But my second-day filming consisted of a fight scene that took 6 hours to shoot. Directors Kenny Gage and Deven Downs always deliver when it comes to action-packed, suspenseful thrillers. We’ll have to circle back around to this when it comes out this year.

6. You own a drone company, Airwolf Drones. Just for fun, Can you tell us about your favourite drone and why?

Hahaha. I do! Airwolf Drones.  I truly enjoy being on set so much that even for my “day job,” as they say, I pilot drones. (Airwolf Drones) As for my favourite? I’d say right now our most flown and favourite would most definitely be the DJI Inspire 2. It’s not too big or too small and can really deliver a quality image that productions really love.

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