Evil Everywhere is coming to DVD And Digital on May 25 from Wild Eye Releasing

Evil Everywhere is a comedy, fantasy, thriller film. The director is Mykee Morettini.

Evil Everywhere coming to DVD and digital on May 25
Evil Everywhere coming to DVD and digital on May 25


Dylan Greenberg (Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High, Dark Prism) as ‘Sister’ Nun
Corrinne Mica (Nightfall, Shadow Marsh) as Julia Lochley
Brian Harmony (TVs Concessions , Awake) as Professor Reinhardt
Mykee Morettini as Zeke Zanderfeldt / Various Voices

Mykee Morettini statement about Evil Everywhere

This film captures the sometimes over-the-top nature of thrills, supernatural forces at play, and inventive death scenes. The film is a no-budget student film made as a follow-up to my earlier ‘Paura Tutto,’ aiming to capture the over-the-top, fun nature of supernatural ’80s horror with a satirical approach.

Express Review

In 1985, an ancient evil begins to murder the high school’s graduating seniors in alphabetical order. It eventually stops. Two years later, the evil force returns to claim lives again. It is up to a group of former high school students to work together before it reaches them. Will they survive?

If you are looking for an old school 80’s throwback film, this one is for you. This 64 minutes B Movie offers gore, blood splatter, supernatural power and possession with retro filming. Enjoy!

About Director Mykee Morettini

Mykee began an interest in filmmaking at the age of 8 and started filming videos soon after with a Sony Handycam purchased with allowance money. At the age of 12, he acted in the Royal George Theatre production of “Bleacher Bums” in 2004, and was cast and acted in supporting role in “The Miracle”, eventually released in 2007.

Mykee continued making films through the years and uploading them to Youtube, before graduating from Chicago’s Flashpoint College in 2016 with a degree in film production. In 2017 he began filming his first feature film, “EVIL EVERYWHERE”. Among Mykee’s many short films, THE SHAPE RETURNS : A HALLOWEEN FILM.

Release date

Evil Everywhere is coming to DVD And Digital on May 25.

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