The pups, ready for action! From left: Zuma (voiced by Shayle Simons), Rocky (Callum Shoniker), Skye (Lilly Bartlam), Chase (Iain Armitage) Marshall ( Kingsley Marshall), and Rubble (Keegan Hedley.)

PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE pictures now available.

PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021) is an animation film. The G rated movie is directed by Cal Brunker. It is based on Paw Patrol the cartoon television series created by Keith Chapman.

Paw Patrol: The Movie
Kim Kardashian voices the poodle Delores, a newcomer to the Paw Patrol universe.


Beckett Hipkiss as Ryder
Iain Armitage as Chase
Kingsley Marshall as Marshall
Lilly Bartlam as Skye
Jackson Reid as Rocky
Shayle Simons as Zuma
Keegan Hedley as Rubble
Ron Pardo as Mayor Humdinger
Marsai Martin as Liberty
Will Brisbin
Jimmy Kimmel
Randall Park
Dax Shepard
Kim Kardashian as Delores
Tyler Perry
Yara Shahidi

Paw Patrol: The Movie
Yara Shahidi voices Kendra Wilson, a brilliant engineer behind the designs of some of the pup’s newest gadgets and gear.


Ryder (Beckett Hipkiss) and the pups are called to Adventure City to stop Mayor Humdinger.


The trailer for Paw Patrol: The Movie, featuring the song “Good Mood” by Adam Levine, will be released on May 12th.

Paw Patrol: The Movie
Marsai Martin plays Liberty, a new dachshund friend to the pups. Behind her stands Ruben, voiced by Dax Shepard, and Butch, voiced by Randall Park.

Other notes

Screenplay by Billy Frolick and Cal Brunker & Bob Barlen
Story by Billy Frolick

Produced by Jennifer Dodge, p.g.a.
Executive Producers Ronnen Harary, Adam Beder, Peter Schlessel

Newscaster Marty Muckraker, above, is voiced by Jimmy Kimmel.

Release date

The movie will be available on August 20, 2021

Paw Patrol: The Movie
Adventure City’s Mayor Humdinger, voiced by Ron Pardo, and his gaggle of Pup-hating kitties.

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