Check out BARBUDO’s latest track “Magnolia Mansion”

Barbudo is a psych-infused soul band from Havant. It consists of songwriter brothers Harry and Ben Stanworth.  They write fun easy-going funk music with a modern twist. They take inspiration from the pioneers of the 70’s funk, soul, and disco. Fun fact: the group used to listen to Chic, Bee Gees, and Prince while growing up.  Their latest single is Magnolia Mansion.  Other tracks by Barbudo include Secret Admirer (2018) and Realise the Reality (2017).


The brothers explain:

Magnolia mansion is in itself an ideal – a place in the ether, that we all can transport to when the sun is beaming down but at the same time encourages us to think about change within and without, linking escapism and personal discovery.

Barbudo is a pop-funk group. Their latest single is Magnolia Mansion. Other tracks by Barbudo band are Secret Admirer and Realise the Reality.
Barbudo latest track is Magnolia Mansion. Other tracks include “Secret Admirer” and “Realise the Reality”.

Barbudo will be celebrating the release with a virtual party and performance on October 9th. Tickets are available on DICE with ticket holders being entered into a competition to win a limited edition t-shirt.

Another song by Barbudo is “Secret Admirer”

In describing the “Secret Admirer”, Ben explains:

We were going for a Latin-infused funk vibe, like a blend of Michael Jackson and Santana.” Harry adds “It’s a playful confession of secretly liking something that is deemed ‘uncool’ by most people. You might not publicly admit to liking it, but beyond judging eyes you see it for what it is. Like listening to Coldplay when you are sad…

Secret Admirer (Music Video)

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