Christina Aguilera music for Mulan

Christina Aguilera 2020 music videos for Mulan

Check out the new music videos by Multi-platinum and global award-winning superstar singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera. Aguilera sings “Loyal Brave True,” and “Reflection (2020).” in the film Mulan.

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Christina Aguilera (From “Mulan”/Official Videos)

Loyal Brave True (From “Mulan”/Official Video)

“Loyal Brave True” is a pop ballad.  It is co-written by Jamie Hartman, Harry Gregson-Williams, Rosi Golan, and Billy Crabtree.  It is produced by Jamie Hartman.

“Reflection (2020)”

“Reflection (2020)” is a heartfelt tune off Disney’s upcoming Mulan.  It is produced by Gregson-Williams.  “Reflection” was originally written and produced by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel for the soundtrack of Disney’s 1998 animated film Mulan.  Fun fact: 17-year-old Aguilera performed the original song too.  The 2020 version sounds very different.


In addition to the new “Reflection” version recorded by Aguilera, the new Mulan film has several other versions of the song recorded by international artists in languages other than English. This includes a version of “Reflection” recorded by Mulan star Liu Yifei.

Disney’s Mulan Official Trailer

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Stream “Mulan” on Sept. 4 on Disney+ with Premier Access (Disney+ subscription and additional fee required).

Tracklist for Mulan soundtrack

1. Ancestors (3:22)
2. Tulou Courtyard (2:06)
3. The Desert Garrison (3:28)
4. Böri Khan & Xianniang (1:38)
5. The Lesson of the Phoenix (3:15)
6. Mulan Leaves Home (3:50)
7. Four Ounces Can Move a Thousand Pounds (3:40)
8. Mulan Rides into Battle (5:24)
9. Honghui (1:18)
10. Training the Men (3:02)
11. The Witch (3:42)
12. “I Believe Hua Mulan” (3:56)
13. The Charge (5:22)
14. Imperial City (3:36)
15. Fight for the Kingdom (5:43)
16. Mulan & The Emperor ( (0:58)
17. Return to the Village (1:33)
18. The Fourth Virtue (4:53)
19. Loyal Brave True (Christina Aguilera) (2:46)
20. Reflection (2020) (Christina Aguilera) (3:38)
21. Reflection (Mandarin) (Yifei Liu) (3:39)

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