Toronto-based rock band releases two new tracks from upcoming album

Cigar Club is a Toronto-based rock band.  The members of the group include Trevor Coughlin (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Dan Amato-Gauci (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Jeff LeFort (Bass, Vocals),  Tyler Booth (Drums, Vocals). 


The band formed in 2016 because of a mutual interest in John Mayer’s music.

Today Cigar Club two new singles “…Aliens” and “Swimmin’ in Gold” before their upcoming debut album ‘Day, Now’ available on May 20th, 2021.

Statement by Cigar Club about new singles


“I had a lot of fun recording the sounds at the beginning of this song. I had two Tibetan bowls I picked up off my buddy and some miniature finger cymbals that made the majority of the noises, but I also used this thing called a thunder tube. For the most part I used actual percussion instruments but there is a high frequency in the intro that I recorded from a portable heating device.

Who would have thought a heater could be so handy? Oh, and I also sampled my buddy’s bathroom fan. I remember first writing the structure of this song with Jeff. Just drum and bass and the direction we wanted to go was something driving, high energy, in your face type of style. We had a lot of songs that would dip from high intensity to mellow at that point and we didn’t want this song to be that”. -Tyler Booth

“Fast paced modern rock feel with a hint of punk. The writing process of aliens was different because the basis of the music was birthed by the rhythm section as the guitar parts/vocals were added after.” –Jeff LeFort

“This song is so much fun to play. It’s fast and has gang vocals and a wicked drum intro that’s just like, “let’s go, fucker”.” –Trev Coughlin

“Aliens is a lot of fun to play. It’s your standard “verse, chorus, verse chorus” rocker Day-Dan Amato

Swimmin’ in Gold

“The most demanding track on the album in terms of intensity and playing for sure. Dan came up with the riff and I really thought it was cool. Very busy, it kind of reminded me of Megadeth, and having a metal/thrash metal background in my playing I definitely wanted to match that intensity with the drumming.

The outro drum fill was influenced by Song for The Dead by Queens of the Stone Age. Trevor was hyping up this band he just discovered, QOTSA, and told us to check out a few songs. I listened to the whole Songs for the Deaf album and I was blown away. How did I not know about this band until 2020?” – Tyler Booth

“Fast paced, balls to the wall, heavy hitting hard rock n roll. Enough said.” –Jeff LeFort

“I remember right after we finished writing this we played the great hall on my birthday. We were playing to a more pop audience and thought it was so fun to launch into swimmin’ and just get so loud. This song feels reckless to play and it’s fun every time.” –Trev Coughlin

“This song is a total shred! I wrote the riff and the lead guitar bits to finally give us a song that is high energy at all times. For me it’s a lot of fun to play all the lead bits and gives me a chance to show off what I can do! Jeff’s bass solo in the end section is also really cool because not many songs feature a bass solo, these days.” –Dan Amato


  1. Vessel
  2. …Aliens
  3. swimmin’ in gold
  4. Like White Flats In Winter
  5. COLD
  6. Conversation
  7. From a South East Asian Two Bedroom Condo
  8. Parable of the Sea Dogs
  9. Turned Black/A-loan

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