Jim Ward announces new LP Daggers

Jim Ward to release solo album Daggers

Jim Ward announces new LP Daggers via Dine Alone Records. It will be available on June 11. On Sunday, he released a new track Paper Fish.

At the age of 17, Ward co-founded the iconic post-hardcore band At The Drive-In. They released three studio albums and several EPs before disbanding in 2001. He went on to form Sparta. Jim also formed his alt-country project, Sleepercar.

Jin Ward Promo Photo by Christ Chavez.
Jim Ward Promo Photo by Christ Chavez.

Statement from Jim Ward about the new single Paper Fish

Paper Fish was the last song I wrote for Daggers. It seemed like it was the final piece of a puzzle I had been working on. It’s rare for me to sit down, write and then sing something almost completely in one take but that is what happened on this song. It was as if the process of making this record allowed me to finally break through and say exactly what I was trying to say. Life is a journey and for me, that journey is 100% about being a better person. I think about and work towards this every day. When I die, I want to die the best man I’ve ever been.

Jim Ward Daggers Track Listing

  1. Day By Day
  2. Blink Twice
  3. Electric Life
  4. Paper Fish
  5. I Got A Secret
  6. Keep On Failure
  7. Polygraph (Attack)
  8. Foreign Currency
  9. Safe Pair Of Hands
  10. King Yourself


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