Musician JP Sunga Releases Brand New Single “In My Bones”

Waterloo, ON JP Sunga, is an emerging independent singer-songwriter. His first EP in 2005 featured breakout song, “Operator”.  His most recent releases include “Listen to Your Heart” and “For Your Sympathy”. On January 1 2021, he released his brand new single “In My Bones”.


JP Sunga quote about ‘In My Bones’

Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves when pursuing our own goals or dreams. ‘In My Bones’ is about finally surrendering to the idea that you will achieve what your heart knows you are fully capable of achieving. It is essentially an anthem that celebrates overcoming self-doubt.

Album cover for Brand New Single "In My Bones" by Waterloo, ON Musician JP Sunga
Album cover for Brand New Single “In My Bones” by Waterloo, ON Musician JP Sunga

The release date is symbolic for the song – written in part as an affirmation to himself and as a legacy song for his three kids.  JP’s “In My Bones” is his musical expression of the feeling of being driven to pursue your passions, and answering that call.  Exploring the relatable themes of self-doubt and mustering up the strength to find confidence in oneself, “In My Bones” is an anthem for all those who feel the drive to pursue a passion, no matter how long they have tried to suppress it.

Sam Hilifer is the music producer Sam Hillifer of the song. JP wrote the song and is releasing it, to show his children that if they feel passionate about something they should pursue it, using himself as the example. He plans to release a video to accompany the song in late January.

We should expect his debut full-length album in 2021.

‘In My Bones’

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