Kirty releases new single “God Help Us”

Kirty latest single is God Help Us”

Toronto-based songwriter/multi-instrumentalist released her first official album back in 2016.  Around the same time, she joined the acclaimed indie-rock band Fast Romantics.  She co-wrote several songs for the group and toured internationally in the years that followed.

In 2019, she began working on a new record of her own.  Today, Kirty releases new music, Her new song is “God Help Us”.  “God Help Us” follows the dreamy, early 90s-inspired pop-rock 2020 single “This Year’s Been Hell”.

Kirty releases new single God Help Us
Kirty releases new single God Help Us

Statement from Kirty about the single

God Help Us is a tiny window into my thoughts in moments where I’ve felt like I’m watching the world fall to pieces. Witnessing a series of the most horrible things happening in the world, strung together in half an hour of television is an intense feeling, and we’re all absorbing this waterfall of information every single day.

Kirty quote about the new music video directed by Matthew Angus with art direction from Raven Shields

The video plays with themes of fire and ice, and by the end of the video everything’s on fire. Not just on fire, but I’m there…watching everything burn. Isn’t that kind of how this year felt? Like you were just sitting there watching things burn?

There are moments when I feel like everything happening in the world seems so far away, and I’m left (for a moment) sitting there, hopeless, shocked, angry (etc.) at the lack of control and the impact of the damage. This song and video for me captures that moment. There are a lot of other reasons for the imagery, movements, and visuals of the video, but I’ll let people take what they need from it.

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