Lil Berete Icebreaker 2 features special guests Sada Baby, Nafe Smallz, 2kBaby

Toronto rapper Lil Berete releases highly anticipated ICEBREAKER 2 mixtape. The 12 track tape includes guest appearances from Sada Baby, Nafe Smallz, Unimerce, and 2KBABY.


The Hip Hop artist has quickly generated a buzz in Toronto’s burgeoning underground rap scene with his unique sound.

Statement from Toronto rapper about new mixtape

I get to show off my versatility as it’s a different type of sound that my fans are used to hearing me create. Songs like these open doors for me to work with other artists with different styles and flows. Even though I’ve been releasing music for four years now, I’m still young, I’m still a teenager and I haven’t shown the world all of the different types of styles I’m able to do.

This tape is where I am now and how I’m feeling. Icebreaker 1 was mainly an introduction to my city. Now Icebreaker 2 will introduce me to the audiences south of the border. I want to continue the Icebreaker series for my fans to continue the journey with me. I’m really just getting started.

Icebreaker 2 by Lil Berete

  1. Lost It
  2. Murda
  3. War Ready
  4. No Distractions
  5. Painallgo
  6. Big Man
  7. Scars
  8. Trippin’
  9. No Scale
  10. ikik
  11. One Week
  12. Reunited

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