The Divorcees release latest video “Must Be Nice” from 2021 LP Drop of Blood

The Divorcees are an Outlaw Country band from New Brunswick. The members include Alex Madsen, Jason Haywood, Denis “Turtle” Arsenault, Shawn Thomas, and Kevin Macintyre.

The country group has four other albums including 2006’s “You Ain’t Gettin’ My Country”, 2009’s “Last Of The Free Men”, 2012’s “Four Chapters”, and 2016’s “From Labour To Refreshment”.

Their latest video is “Must Be Nice”. “Must Be Nice” is a single from The Divorcees’ most recent full-length, 2021’s Drop of Blood. This is their fifth studio release.

Drop of Blood by The Divorcees

1 Caledonia Mountain
2 Dying Breed
3 Losing Hand
4 Drinkin’ In The Afternoom
5 Making The Scene
6 Small Town City Boy
7 Must Be Nice
8 The Other Side Of The Blue
9 Too Old To Die Young
10 Handful Of Nothing
11 Drop Of Blood

The Divorcees statement about “Must Be Nice”

Must Be Nice is a song of frustration. It’s something every single guy in The Divorcees has lived. Here in New Brunswick, no one’s got it easy. We’re a poor province. Believe me when I say we’ve had our share of hard knocks. And when we see the richest of the rich living the good life while we’re getting our asses kicked – and they don’t even seem to care at all? Well, you get my drift. Must be nice, huh?

Must Be Nice is for every single hard-working person out there who gets out of a 12-hr shift from a job they’ve done for years, who flips on the news and hears their company got sold out from under them. It’s for people who work for multi-billion dollar companies with no health plans, making minimum wage and needing food stamps to get by…it’s for everyone who’s watched people make millions off other peoples pain without a care in the’s for the guy on the bus getting cut off by a guy in a BMW and whispers to himself, “Must Be Nice”.

The Divorcees are also releasing a documentary

We knew that making it this far as a band warranted some extra attention. So we decided it was time to document the making of a Divorcees album. We were very fortunate to have Kevin’s daughter, Harmonie Macintyre, who is pursuing Media Studies at Ryerson, come in and film us during the making of the album. We are really happy to finally be able to share a bit of our world this way.

The documentary gives our friends and fans a bit more of an in-depth look at our creative process, our history and who we are as people. After 15 years of being together, we felt it was a good time to do it. Not only does the documentary recount the making of Drop of Blood, it also offers a glimpse into what makes us who we are.

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