BROS (Ewan & Shamus Currie) new LP VOL. 2 coming soon

BROS consists of Ewan and Shamus Currie from The Sheepdogs.

Their new LP VOL. 2 is out on July 16. It will include ‘Never Gonna Stop‘ and ‘Theme from Bros

BROS Vol. 2 Tracklist

The album features 13 new tracks.

  1. It’s Killing Me
  2. Garbanzo Man
  3. It Won’t Be Long
  4. Never Gonna Stop
  5. Hesitating
  6. Crazy Schemes
  7. Theme From BROS
  8. Sunflower
  9. You Love This Song
  10. Clams Casino
  11. Two For Tea
  12. Snake Dance
  13. King Of Kings

June 4 – Shamus discusses working with Justin Broadbent and Josh Raskin to make the music video “Never Gonna Stop”

Today the brothers release new single and video, “Never Gonna Stop”.

We met up with the ‘Don’t Die’ boys (Justin Broadbent and Josh Raskin) and spent the day hanging out in Toronto’s finest and most urbane neighbourhoods. We walked the streets and they captured the everyday magic that just kinda follows us around.

May 12 – Ewan discusses new single “Theme From Bros”

Bros returns with a new ‘cop-drama inspired’ video for “Theme From BROS”.

‘Theme From BROS’ is inspired by our love of 70’s cop cinema. The opening riff was originally conceived by Shamus as an Afro-Cuban guitar line. But it really came alive when orchestrated for trombone. It’s the action-packed soundtrack to the cop movie that never was.

Ewan explains the new action-packed music video from L.A. based visual artist Rob Fidel

Rob is a bud. We met in LA through our good friend (and collaborator) Mat Dunlap who does all our art design work. Rob is a very creative guy who is also musical and that makes all the difference when it comes to collaborating on a music-based project. We made him a big long list of ridiculous things that we could be doing in the video. As far as I can tell, he damn well nailed it.

Other Notes

“Tell Me” from the album Vol. 1 is another track by the brothers. It has over 11 million streams.

You may have heard the song on ESPN US, Sportsnet, Hockey Night in Canada and Toronto Blue Jays Baseball.

It is also playing at arenas that include the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans and much more.

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