New single “Turn Around” from Matt Koelsch, ft. Christie Huff

Christie Huff and Matt Koelsch join forces to create the new single “Turn Around”.  Matt is a singer-songwriter. His achievements to date include selling over 3,000 records, 300k+ streams, and performing at over 1,000 shows.  Koelsch shared the stage with legendary bands such as REM, Pink Floyd and Toto.  Christie is a country singer-songwriter. Her latest release ‘Halfway Fell gained over 500,000 Streams in its first month. Her prior release ‘Black and White’ is at a lifetime stream count of 3 Million. She has opened up for some of the biggest names in country music. Artists include Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, Kip Moore, Toby Keith, and Bebe Rexha.


In “Turn Around”, the track narrates the romantic tension between two people that connect with each other in a public space and the suspense and fantasy that builds in each of their minds after that initial moment.  “Turn Around” emits a cinematic and timeless quality.  Turn Around was recorded alongside Quartet405 in Hollywood at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Quote from Matt Koelsch about the new single

We have been writing and pre-producing Turn Around over the past year.  The song started as a chord progression idea I had in a hammock one day at my friend’s wedding in New Hampshire.

Statement from Christie Huff about the new track

To me is the classic love story of every hopeless romantic’s dream.  It’s the idea to long for someone to notice you… I relate, because I am definitely a hopeless romantic and have definitely dreamed of somebody to just turn around so we can begin our epic love story.

Check out the video with Matt Koelsch feat. Christie Huff

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