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Tyson Kelly creates music that explores genre-blending music.  This includes modern pop, 80’s soundscapes, and bold percussion. In his latest EP, Plastic Rockstar features four tracks. This is his 2nd EP.


Fun fact: Tyson is the son of renowned songwriter Tom Kelly. Tom co-wrote numerous hit songs such as Madonna’s ‘“Like A Virgin”, Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” and Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional”.

Tyson Kelly EP Plastic Rockstar features 4 tracks Am I Ever Gonna See You Again, Get Me Higher, I Wasn't Saying That, And I see Your Face
Tyson Kelly EP Plastic Rockstar features 4 tracks “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again”, “Get Me Higher”, “I Wasn’t Saying That” and “And I see Your Face”

Tyson Kelly: Thoughts & Concepts

“Am I Ever Gonna See You Again”

This track is about going out in the world and meeting someone you really connect with, spending time together, and then having to leave for the next city and wondering if you’ll ever reconnect. In this case, the song is written from the fan’s point of view.” Reminiscent of Haim, the upbeat, feel-good sound is a juxtaposition to the ponderous lyrics.

“Get Me Higher”

When I first started flying a lot for gigs roughly 10 years ago I remember how much I loathed going to the airport all the time. The parking and shlepping of bags and guitars and waiting around and then I discovered the sweet nectars of American Airlines’ loyalty program and the lounge access and the upgrades and it changed my view of flying forever.

“I Wasn’t Saying That”

I wanted to recreate a similar solo to the one from the Pixies “Where Is My Mind”, which splits off into harmony at the end. I’ve always loved Joey Santiago’s subtle but powerful arrangements to all of their tunes.

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