Double Blind is a crime film. The director of the film is Thomas D. Moser.



Jennifer Jarrett as Jessica Tucker
Katharine Phillips Moser as Hannah Wright
Christopher Showerman (“Supergirl”, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”) as John Smith
Phillip Daniel as Gareth Smith
Kathryn Adcock as Margaret Walz
Kays Al-Atrakchi as Ingitech Attorney
Jake Bastian as Noah Frasier
Sal Brienik as Ben
Andrea Lee Davis as Gene Frasier
John Elsen as Dr. Randall Frasier
Salvador Escobedo as Assassin 8
Mickey Gaines as Craig Simmons
Andy Gates as Doug Tucker
Gail Herendeen as Carrie Wright
Natasha Kopp as Howard & Lowe Attorney

Express Review

The movie begins with an individual named Gareth Smith (Phillip Daniel) claiming to be a teacher is introduced to his girlfriend’s family. After meeting them, out of nowhere, he murders them. We learn that Gareth is out to murder a team of scientists who are on the verge of a medical breakthrough.

We are then introduced to two agents.

The first agent is Christopher Showerman who plays John Smith. His character is sort of a ladies’ man but we later learn about some of his softer characteristics.

The other agent is Jennifer Jarrett who plays Jessica Tucker. Her character seemed very robotic and uncaring.

Their goal was to protect the remaining survivor Katharine Phillips Moser who plays Hannah Wright and her daughter Gail Herendeen who plays Carrie Wright.

At the same time, they are trying to figure out who is behind the assassinations and why?

The relationship between the agents is somewhat interesting to watch.

The movie is filmed in black and white. There were a few moments that I thought the film editing could use some improvement.

Overall. I thought the movie was all right.

Release date

Spy/thriller Double Blind is available on Amazon Prime on July 13, 2021.

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