Willow Woodward Releases New Album & Video

Willow Woodward is a singer-songwriter from Bedford, New York.  Woodward started writing music at the age of seven.  In 2018, she won the celebrated Suzuki New Horizons Songwriting Competition.  Her new album Hideaway is out now.  The album includes 9 songs.  This is the follow-up from her debut singles Superman and For the Love.


Quote from Willow Woodward about Hideaway album

After writing the songs, I took some time before recording to play them for lives audiences, allowing them to breathe, grow and mature. By the time we went into the studio, I felt like the songs had been fully brought to life, and I’m excited now to share them with a broader audience.

Track listing

1 Hideaway
2 Christmas in July
3 Superman
4 Out of the Shadows
5 Miles Away
6 Fly
7 For the Love
8 Open My Eyes
9 About Time

For the Love was released in July.  It reached #122 on the Global Top 200 digital radio chart.

Earlier in the year, she released her single Superman.  It reached an audience of over 1.4 million on digital radio.

Quote from Willow about new single ‘Superman’

Sometimes we have it all wrong. We look for someone who’s perfect and we try to be perfect when really it’s the flaws in us that make us interesting and compete. Superman is my anthem to being OK with not being superman and embracing the idea that we’re all exceptional in our own ways.

Willow Woodward Hideaway
Singer/Songwriter Willow Woodward Releases New Album Hideaway and Music Video

Express Review

Overall, I thought the album was fantastic.  Unfortunately, I have to pick one song from the album.  Hmm … if #ucanonlypick1 my favourite is Christmas in July.

Let us know yours.

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Her new album Hideaway is on all streaming platforms!!  Click here

Watch “HIDEAWAY” Music Video

Christmas in July by Willow Woodward

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