Mark Pellegrino and Internet Attorney Andrew Rossow launched a campaign on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.    The Kickstarter was created in order to raise money to help create a reality docuseries called The Guardian Project.  It is a new reality docuseries that not only exposes online bullying but offers community solutions and reformative justice for the victims.

Mark Pellegrino quote:

Our ultimate purpose is philosophical and ethical—to bring reason and civility back into fashion.

Andrew Rossow quote:

I consider this opportunity to work with Mark an honor and privilege, to give back and express gratitude by working together towards a unified cause

The first and primary tier of “The Guardian Project,” via its ‘Catfish’ like style, confronts victimizers and empowers victims to get justice.

The second tier is organized civilian support and protections for victims through virtual neighborhood watches.

The third-tier involves partnerships with tech start-ups, which promote contractual relationships between social media participants. Think civility through liability.

The fourth-tier is legal reform that empowers victims to seek legal restitution against those who would use social media platforms to harm the reputations and lives of those they don’t agree with or like.

Pellegrino and Rossow both have similar backgrounds when it comes to facing bullying head-on, recognizing the intense waves that continue to flood social media and online communities. They have both publicly shared their stories of bullying, harassment, and assault they’ve faced over the years. Now they’ve come together to take action and play an active part in creating “The Guardian Project” for the greater good.

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