cinqque5tion with Andre Gaumond

andre gaumond

cinqque5tion with Andre Gaumond

I wouldn’t be talking to Andre Gaumond if I didn’t show up to OWTFF. Thank you Sabine Modestin and Steve Lareau for the hospitality. It also might help that I speak french un “petit peu”. I think I need to practice. Hi everyone / Bonjour tout le monde, I want to introduce you to my good friend, (mon ami) Andre Gaumond. We met after I watched the most tremendous tv show or possible movie concept that I have ever seen in a long time. Andre Gaumond has a vision and (clearing throat) I want the networks to talk to my friend and request a copy of Swap. I would really like them to let me know their thoughts. I don’t work for a network. I am a freelance writer who also has a crazy movie and television collection. Quite honestly after watching this gem, I am “all in” to do a sales pitch. They have 23 wins and counting around the world and Andre and his crew deserves it. Great writing, acting, concept, filming, and the list goes on… Ask any filmmaker that was in the room that saw the same thing I watched. They know what they saw. It was awesome. Well done. Bravo Andre Gaumond!

1. Who is Andre Gaumond?

I am a dreamer. I think a film can change the way people understand each other, relate to each other, be kinder to each other. My goal is to bring more consciousness to this automatic world that submerges us and makes us forget who we really are. My films tackle social issues, from homophobia to woman harassment, from happiness to a world without money. My philosophy is that the world is ours and it is our responsibility to make it a better place.

2. Andre Gaumond, how did you come up with the idea SWAP?

SWAP came from an article about the science of brain download. They were explaining the complexity of downloading neurones into computer code. I had a flash about downloading a brain to another brain that would be easier. My story is about: John and Boris, two computer scientists, who confront after the discovery of a revolutionary application that allows them to transfer thought from one person to another. It is a fascinating story that crosses borders, minds, and cultures, to focus on the scope and challenges that new technologies can have and the dangers of their misuse.

3. Tell us your experience at OWTFF this year?

OWTFF was a great event to present my film in Toronto. Even if it is a very small festival I met some very nice people like you Jovin. I hope that will get me closer to an open door for my production.

(Personal note: Hey Andre…I will try my best…Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple, CTV Sci-Fi, CBS Films, Sci-Fi Channel, Bell Media PR, Rogers Media PR, Hulu, I hope you are you reading?)

4. Andre Gaumond, what networks have you approached regarding your awesome concept?

I had contacted CBC but they are not looking for Sci-fi projects. I have a contact who told me she sent my project to the SCIFI channel but we haven’t heard back. In two film festivals, the festival coordinators were interested to help but they haven’t done anything yet. After 23 Awards, I am still looking to find some people to get involved.

5. Just for fun. You like to travel. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

I really like to travel and I follow my film as much as I can. But I think the most interesting place I have ever been to was in Egypt. Their history and all the old temples are the things that really impressed me the most. But for living in some sort of paradise…I think I love travelling too much to stay in one place.

Merci pour l’interview Andre Gaumond. You are a gentleman. My advice is to share this story…your story. I find when more voices are talking about you and your gift, people open doors. Keep me posted buddy and next time you are in Toronto, let’s hang out.

Personal note: If I had my own network, I would pick this project up in a heartbeat.

SWAP – Trailer – Andre Gaumond

andre gaumond

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