cinqque5tion interview with Jonathan Mangum (by: Jovin Tardif)

from Lets Make a Deal, Whose Line is it Anyway, NCIS (CBS), & the Bucket List (w/ Jack Nicholson)

cinqque5tion interview with Jonathan Mangum (by: Jovin Tardif)

I always found improv to be quite fascinating.  I wonder if I can reach Jonathan Mangum.  Fun fact, back in the day, I used to go to different schools to compete in improv in both French and English. It gave individuals a chance to express themselves freely and to showcase different characters whether it be dramatic, comedic, etc… Teams would compete against other schools or even worked together to create magic. Wow! What a great memory. Good times!  I sat in a room and did some thinking. My wife smiled wondering what I was doing.  I wondered if I knocked if Jonathan Mangum would answer.  I was very pleased when Jonathan accepted the interview.  Jonathan Mangum started his comedy career at the SAK Comedy Lab. In 1995, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. You probably all know Jonathan as an improv comedian. I wanted to reach out to learn more about his journey.

Jonathan Mangum From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Jonathan Mangum Born January 16, 1971 (age 49) Charleston, South Carolina, U.S. Occupation Actor, comedian Years active 1993–present Spouse(s) Leah Stanko (m. 2001) Children 2 Jonathan Mangum (born January 16, 1971) is an American actor and comedian. He was a cast member of the variety show The Wayne Brady Show and is the announcer for the game show Let's Make a Deal. Contents 1 Early life 2 Career 2.1 Comedy 2.2 Television 3 Filmography 3.1 Television 3.2 Film 4 Personal life 5 References 6 External links Early life Mangum was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in Alabama.[1] After high school, he moved to Orlando and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in psychology.[1] While in Orlando, Mangum started his comedy career at the SAK Comedy Lab alongside Wayne Brady, whom he would later collaborate with in Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, The Wayne Brady Show and Let's Make a Deal. He moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to pursue a career in comedy.[1] Career Comedy Mangum guest-starred in several episodes as the owner of a web-based start-up company on The Drew Carey Show. He has toured with Drew Carey's Improv All-Stars, establishing himself as an improv comedian and was also a regular cast member on Drew Carey's Green Screen Show. At the beginning of 2011, he and Brady made guest appearances in the British comedy series Fast and Loose, an improv show similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?. He was a regular performer in Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza and performed in improvisational singing games, along with co-stars like Jeff Davis and Chip Esten. He is also one of the rotating guest performers on the revived CW Whose Line is it Anyway? which started in the summer of 2013. Television Mangum made guest appearances on ER, Reno 911!, and Just Shoot Me!. In addition to his work in television and on stage, Mangum has also appeared in over 100 national American commercials. He has written for the Disney Channel and The N, as well as having twice written for director Ben Rock on the short films The Meeting and Conversations, which stars Curtis Armstrong.[1] In 2012, Mangum starred in the ABC improv comedy series Trust Us with Your Life.[2] Filmography Television Year Title Role Notes 1993 Clarissa Explains it All Blind date Episode: "Blind Date" 1994 Fortune Hunter Howard Episode: "Red Alert" 1994 SeaQuest DSV Covington Episode: "The Sincerest Form of Flattery" 1996 Roseanne Flip Episode: "Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti " 1996 Goode Behavior Wyatt Episode: "Goode Grades" 1996 Married... with Children Hal Episode: "God Rest Ye Merry Bundymen" 1998 Clueless Garrick Episode: "Labor of Love" 1998 USA High Marvin Episode: "Raphael's Proposal" 1999 Just Shoot Me! Brian Toliver Episode: "A Spy in the House of Me" 2000 ER Ryan Bradford Episode: "Homecoming" 2000–01 Strip Mall Josh MacIntosh 22 episodes 2002–04 The Drew Carey Show Scott 18 episodes 2003 Reno 911! Yokel Episode: "Dangle's Moving Day" 2006 Come On Over Dr. Jonathan Silliness Episode: "Brain Freeze" 2007 The 1/2 Hour News Hour various 5 episodes 2007 Pushing Daisies Bernard Slaybeck Episode: "Dummy" 2008 NCIS Special Agent Daniel Keating Episode: "Last Man Standing" 2009– present Let's Make A Deal Announcer Over 1900 one hour episodes 2010 The Sarah Silverman Program Matt Markus Episode: "A Slip Slope" 2011 Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza Himself 20 Episodes 2012 Trust Us With Your Life Himself 6 Episodes 2013– present Whose Line Is It Anyway? Himself Recurring 2018 GLOW Priest/Judge Eric 1 Episode 2019 Chicago Med Delmer Brendl Episode: "With a Brave Heart" Film Year Title Role Notes 2007 The Bucket List Richard Comedy-drama film directed by Rob Reiner.[3] 2008 iCarly: iGo to Japan Henri P'Twa Three-part episode directed by Steve Hoefer turned into a film.[4] 2009 Imagine That Franklin's associate Comedy film directed by Karey Kirkpatrick.[5] 2018 I'll Be Next Door for Christmas Bradley Christmas comedy film written and directed by David Jay Willis 2019 A Patient Man Starring Psychological thriller written/ directed by Kevin Ward Personal life Mangum is married to Leah Stanko, a casting director; the couple has two sons. References "Bio". Jonathan Mangum. Archived from the original on February 1, 2019. Retrieved April 14, 2016. "About this show: Trust us with your life". The Futon Critic. Retrieved July 7, 2012. "The Bucket List". Turner Classic Movies. Retrieved April 14, 2016. "iGo to Japan". Turner Classic Movies. Retrieved April 14, 2016. "Imagine That". Turner Classic Movies. Retrieved April 14, 2016.
Jonathan Mangum, Let’s Make A Deal, Over 1900 one hour episodes

1. Jonathan Mangum, can you tell us about your experiences on Married…with Children, Just Shoot Me, and ER? Do you have any interesting stories?

“They were all super fun. The first 2 are Multicam with a live audience— always super fun and exciting with a live audience. ER was great in that it never felt like you were on a film set— It felt like you were in a real hospital with cameras around.”

2. What was it like to work with Jack Nicholson in ‘The Bucket List’ and Eddie Murphy in ‘Imagine That’?

“Two amazing legends. I got to sit with Jack for a while on the set. He was super nice to me. Eddie was low key until they yelled action, then he sprang to life with incredible energy.”

3. Jonathan Mangum, what is the funniest costume you have ever seen on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ on CBS where you co-host with Wayne Brady? Please describe.”

“Since it’s like Halloween every day, you become immune to it. After 1900 shows with 200+ people in each show. That’s almost 350,000 costumes… They all blend together in my mind and I can’t remember a single one.”

Let's hear it for two of the best bros in Daytime! In honor of #FriendsDay, we've compiled some of the best reasons why Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum are some of the coolest friends on TV. So, grab your bestie and click through to celebrate friendship with dancing, singing, and plenty of laughs!
Jonathan Mangum and Wayne Brady, Let’s Make A Deal

4. When I read your bio, I noticed you are very passionate about writing. Jonathan Mangum Do you have any projects coming out soon?

“I am writing/producing a short animated series on Facebook called ‘Cooter’s News’

Cooter’s got all the unfake news
All the latest redneck news from Cooter Tucker Williams, Jr.
created by Jonathan Mangum
additional content by Lauren Pritchard, JD Walsh, Kelly Holden


Jonathan Mangum began performing while in college in Orlando, Fla., with the SAK Theatre, a local improv show. He performed 13 improv shows each week and began to work with a tight-knit group of improvisers that included Wayne Brady. Mangum’s television credits include “The Wayne Brady Show,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza,” and “Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show.” In addition, he has made appearances on “Reno 911,” “Pushing Daisies,” “NCIS,” and “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Also, he recurs on “Celebrity Name Game” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” After two seasons working with Drew Carey on “The Drew Carey Show,” he was invited to join the “Drew Carey Improv All-Stars.” The group went on to tour in more than 60 venues, including Carnegie Hall. He has also toured internationally with Wayne Brady, performing improv since 2000. Mangum’s feature film credits include appearing with Jack Nicholson in “The Bucket List” and with Eddie Murphy in “Imagine That.” In addition, he’s starred in the kids’
Jonathan Mangum Cooters News on Facebook

“I also am the lead in a new drama movie now on-demand in iTunes or Amazon Prime called ‘A Patient Man’ “

A Patient Man (2020) 1h 32min
In the aftermath of a terrible car accident, a man’s attempt to reclaim his life leads him to the perfect opportunity to enact revenge for what he lost. Terrified at the idea of getting back into a car, Tom takes the train to work. It’s there he makes a friend. But is this meeting a chance encounter? Is Tom trying to move on with his life or does he have a darker agenda in mind? Genres: Drama, Suspense; Director: Kevin Ward; Starring: Jonathan Mangum, Tate Ellington.”

Jonathan Mangum In the aftermath of a terrible car accident, a man attempts to reclaim his life while hampered by imperfect memories of the tragic event. Initial release: 2019 Director: Kevin Ward Screenplay: Kevin Ward Producers: Kevin Ward, Katherine Von Till, Harrison Reynolds, Jason Moyer
Jonathan Mangum A Patient Man on Amazon Prime

5. Just for fun. Have you ever pulled a prank on your fellow colleagues?

“No. All of the pranks were pulled in full seriousness.”

Twitter: @mangum1

Instagram: @jmangum1

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