cinqque5tion with Matt U Johnson (by: Jovin Tardif)


cinqque5tion2020 with Recording Artist Matt U Johnson

cinqque5tion with Matt U Johnson (by: Jovin Tardif)

We all need an escape right now. Close your eyes and think about a tropical island.  Take a breath. Now let’s focus on all the colourful architecture. Take in all that Vitamin D from the endless sunlight. Can you smell the flowers while walking down the boardwalk? Go ahead dip your toes in the ocean. Are you getting warm? Grab a snack or an ice cream. But wait… something is missing. We need music. Something fresh with just the right amount of Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, and reggae along with EDM. Hmmm…I think I found the song for you. “Gwan Get It” ft. Matt U Johnson, Choclair & Sito Rocks coming soon on April 17, 2020. Check out the sample below.  Today my guest on #whatonwhatsgood is Matt U Johnson. We discuss the past, present, and future.

cinqque5tion with Matt U Johnson (by: Jovin Tardif)

1. Good morning Matt U Johnson.  You were discovered as a talented singer and performer at the age of 14 while growing up in your hometown of New York.  What kind of music were you singing at that time? Who were some of the influences in the music industry growing up and why?

Back when I first started, I was singing pop mainstream music. NYC is a very eclectic place. It has different vibes of music there. I was bought up on Reggae, Pop, R&B and so much more. My influences were Bob Marley, Backstreet Boys, Steel Pulse, Mike Posner and more.

2. How did your family play an important role when it came to music?

My parents and cousins were the ones who put me into the music scene.  Dad was in a reggae band called Rev Johnson and the Positive Vibes. He also threw music concerts like Reggae Under the Stars at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden in my home town of Staten Island, NYC. I was always around during those times and they also would frequently take me to numerous live concerts.


Matt U Johnson – My Life

3. Describe putting together the band “Mixed”.

‘Mixed’ was awesome.  It was my friend from high school Roberto Wallace, Issa and I. We found our first manager, Bea Montgomery of The Mothership Connection Entertainment company.  She helped groom us a bit. We had opening acts all around Manhattan. Bea Montgomery was the manager for Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony. Three young kids who just wanted to sing and rap and that’s what we did.

4. Can you describe your style of music?  To those that may not be familiar, can you describe EDM?

The style of music I do now is International and eclectic…I call it Pop/Dancehall music. EDM is electronic dance music. You see…I love to fuse genres…been doing so for many years now…Dancehall, Pop, Hip Hop, Latin, and EDM. It’s amazing!!


Matt U Johnson – Pon Di Road

5. Could you tell us a little about your latest Single “Gwan Get It” coming out on April 17?  Matt U Johnson, what was it like to work with multi-platinum Juno winner Choclair and Latin Grammy-nominated Sito Rocks?  Any fun stories on working collaboratively?

‘Gwan Get It’ is another awesome fusion track which fuses Dancehall, Latin, and Hip Hop. It is a super international Dance track for the ladies. Produced by Audie Hewitt.  It was awesome working with Sito Rocks & Choclair.  These well-established veterans were a pleasure working with and brought such a dynamic element to this single. People will love this song for years to come. As Sito Rocks and I never recorded in the same studio he sent in his part. Choclair, his manager and I met in a studio on a cold day in Toronto, Canada. He really delivered while we were in session…awesome to see his creativity and energy. In addition, I got to do a photoshoot that same day.


Born in Staten Island, New York into a diverse background of African American and Jamaican values, he gained a love for music and began going to music school for vocal and piano lessons at 13 years of age . His father was a spoken word and reggae artist who was in a band called Rev . Johnson and The Positive Vibes .
Matt U Johnson

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